23 junio 2009


KOSOVA WORLD CARTOON BIENNIALInvitan a paricipar a la 3ra edición del KOSOVA WORLD CARTOON BIENNIAL - Prishtina (KOSOVA):

REGULATIONS - (en inglés)
Contest: open to all cartoonists

Theme: Don't disturb!

Entries: max. 3 cartoons.

The works must be original, including digital artworks if the print are signed by the author, and accompanied by the author's entry-form and biography.

The awarded works in other competitions, photocopies etc.. will not be accepted.

Size: max. B3 (50 x 35 cm)

Technique: free

Deadline: July 1, 2009 (the post-mark will provide the proof)

Prizes:Grand Prix - 5.000 €uro1st Prize - 3.000 €uro2nd Prize - 2.000 €uro3rd Prize - 1.000 €uroand 10 Special Prizes

Jury: August 1-3, 2009

Results: August 7, 2009

Exhibition: September 21, 2009 - The Kosova Art Gallery (from 8 PM)

Catalogue: all selected artists in catalogue will receive a copy

Remark: the awarded works will become property of the Gallery / KOSOVA World Cartoon Biennial. Te others will be returned to the artists, if formally requested, after September 2010. Artists may also leave the cartoons to the Gallery KOSOVA World Cartoon BiennialThe organizer holds the rights to publish the cartoons, on media and other publicity materials, such are web-page, catalogues, posters, calendars, cards etc... anything that has to do with animation, afirmation of the Biennial
The works should be sent to:'KOSOVA'WORLD CARTOON BIENNIALP.O. Box 25710000 PRISHTINAKOSOVA / EU

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