06 diciembre 2007

¡Qué concurso!: 1st International China Olympic Cartoon Competition!

Mirando el excelente sitio italiano Fanofunny, vi el siguiente concurso: el "1st International China Olympic Cartoon Competition" (las bases estén en inglés, pero creo que se entienden a la perfección):

Bases del 1st International China Olympic Cartoon Competition:
The Competition is open to any professional and afterhours cartoonists and humor writers all over the world.

The tenet of Competition is: Healthy, Facetious, Harmonious and Enterprising. All discrimination against religion or race will not be accepted, also all relate to obscenity or violence will be rejected.

A) ALL ABOUT OLYMPIC, including Olympic Games and all relate to sports stuff
B) MY CHOISE (FREE THEME), all about Humor...

DateDeadline: January 1, 2008
Jury meeting: March 1-10, 2008
Award ceremony: will be helden on The Great Wall before The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
Exhibition: will be helden in Yufa New Media Cinema & TV Advertisement City attach in The National New Media Base, Daxing, Beijing before The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, and itinerant exhibitions around China.

1) Monthly Prizes:
Any author may win prizes repeatedly, and monthly Prizes will not impact the main prizes.
RMB 5,000 (600 US$) for 1-3 winners for each category (A and B category), RMB 1,000 (120 US$) for 1-3 winners (C category).
The Monthly Prizes will be awarded from Dec, 2006 to Jan, 2008, in number 14 months.

2) Main Prizes:
Grand Prize: RMB 250,000 (30.000 US$) for 1 winner;
Gold Prize: RMB 50,000 (6.000 US$) for 1 winners each category (A and B category), RMB 10,000 (1.200 US$) for 1 winners for C category.
Silver Prize: RMB 30,000 (3.500 US$) for 2 winners each category (A and B category), RMB 5,000 (600 US$) for 2 winners for C category.
Bronze Prize: RMB 10,000 (1.200 US$) for 3 winners each category (A and B category), RMB 3,000 (350 US$) for 3 winners for C category.100 Special Prizes will be awarded a special Jade medal.

1) No entry fee.

2) Participator may submit up any quantity works, no limited for entries, whether any category.

3) The entries may be sent by email or by postal mailFor the works is submitted by email or CD, the digital files must be A4 (21x29.7cm), 300 dpi, Jpeg or Gif format;For the works on paper, The maximum size of work is A4 (29.7x42cm), the quality prints will also be acceptted;For the 3D works, the maximum length of any side is 50 cm, the maximum weight is 20 kg;No limit about the essay and joke.

4) All entry must be accompanied with the resume of author, also the author's Name, title of the work, address, telephone number, email must be with works together.

5) The technique of entry is no limited, any drawing, digital work, prints, photograph and sculpture will be acceptted.

6) Entries must not be framed.

7) Authors should be responsible for the originality of their works.

8) All entries will be not returnned back, will be collected in Yufa New Media Cinema & TV Advertisement City attach in The National New Media Base, Daxing, Beijing.

9) The organizer may use all entries for any objective for spreadding the competition without additional commision.

10) All selected artists and writers will get an free album.

11) The participator accept the conditions and provisions of these regulations and agree to abide by the decisions of the jury.

12) The organizer have right to explain all the rules.

Address Email to:olympicartoon@yahoo.com; olympicartoon@126.com; manwu1001@126.com

Postal mail to:15 Floor-B, Shijijinyuan Hotel Business Building, No.69 Banjing RD,Haidian District, Beijing, P. R. China
Post code: 100089

Click and download Entry-form Regulations (doc format)

For further informations: olympicartoon@yahoo.com; manwu1001@126.com
http://www.manwu1001.com/ and http://www.cartooncn.org/
Tel: 0086-10-88454391 Fax: 0086-10-88443757

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