08 febrero 2011

Convocatoria de Humor Gráfico ‘Cartoonist without borders’

Comparto con los visitantes del blog un nueva (y muy interesante) convocatoria para un nuevo Concurso (en inglés): ‘Cartoonist without borders’.

The Cartoonists are free to participate with already published works as long as these works have not previously been awarded in any other contest.

- The subject of the competition is: ‘Disabled people and life’.
10 % of the world population with disabilities. They cannot hear, see and walk…
They face with many obstacles in social life.
Lots of people with disabilities are in need of care when we compared to many developed countries… Most of them cannot read and continue their lives without medical support.
Can we describe the lives of people with disabilities in social life…
We are inviting you to think for them…

The participants may send maximum 3-cartoon work.

The dimensions of works should not exceed 30x40 cm.

Cartoons can be send via email but the original cartoon works should be send until 15 April 2011 via post.

Participants should write their name, surname, address, phone number and country of origin on the back of their cartoon work.

Short CV of the participants should be attached.

The works must reach the organizing association until 15 April 2011.

Results will be announced on 23rd of April 2011.

The participating cartoons will be put into an album. The cartoons for the album and the exhibition will be selected by a jury.
Competition album will send to cartoonists whose works are exhibited and published in the album.

First Prize: 1000 Euro
Second Prize: 750 Euro
Third Prize: 500 Euro

Success Prizes:
250 Euro for 4 participants

Special Prizes:
Special prizes offered by various organizations and associations
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